About Me

Who am I

Welcome to tom-servo.net. I have been in the IT industry for some time, and figured I should develop a web presence. I am slightly awed that, compared to even 10 yrs ago, it is much easier than ever to publish information, and share ideas with people, mostly thanks to the web. Here I will post my explorations for anyone that wants to see them.


I’ve always enjoyed the TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000. Once I came to the realization that domain names were cheap, I decided to get one for my home network. All of my machines were named after different characters in the TV series. Also, in the show they made fun of movies that would otherwise not likely see the light of day. My site likewise will highlight things that might not otherwise see the light of day. Tom was my favorite so I bought the domain name.

Purpose of my Site

This is my place to publish the results of my idle explorations. Criticism and feedback are always welcome. I believe in the sense of community that the internet is capable of providing. We’ve all heard the argument, I’m sure, that the internet alienates people and prevents them from interacting. I don’t think this necessarily needs to be true. I think we have an opportunity to strive to make knowledge public domain.I like to dabble in many things that strike my fancy. I also loosely keep a blog on livejournal. I have a myspace account too, but I hate myspace for a number of reasons, most of them professional and a few of them because of personal philosophy.

Tom Servo

My Background

Professionally I have played a vareity of roles, mostly in the realm of system administration, on an assortment of platforms. I am a supporter of FOSS, though I don’t always believe that the FOSS solution is the best. Sometimes a commercial entity just has better resources, and or experience to get a job done. This being said, since I do frequently look to the FOSS community for solutions, I tend to lean toward the linux/Unix side rather than Windows. I have to grant M$ some respect though, Active Directory is a brilliant piece of software engineering, which is far from perfect, but doesn’t really have a rival anywhere.

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