Silly Random Thoughts

By: Friedrich P LaVey

You are where I was.
They won’t let you stay, they won’t let you go.
You are in limbo.
You float in conciousness,
names whose faces you’ve never seen sprawl
across your mind like a mural.
Whispers float through your mind like veils of smoke
around veiled objects.
White veils greyed by time…
Then silence…
With this comes the startling reality of what your life…
is…was… and will be.
The smoke shifts elucively until objects come into focus with surreal
Behind each a meaning becomes clear.
These insturments of conscision are the truths
that give your life meaning.
You sit reforming, rebuilding,
your process of thought forever altered.

In the beginning perception was crystal clear.
Composed of black and white.
Perspective brought them to war, but no one won.
All that there is left are shades of grey.
Fading and darkening over with time,
ungulating in irregular rythems and with cascading shadows.
Tinted only by precept and perception.

Laughter echoes in my head.
I try to grasp what my friend says to me.
I know that he was serious,
but I found luducrosity in all I heard.
Keeping secrets, not laughing,
maintaining facade is difficult in a state of happy insobriety.

Poison Rose
The song of the siren calls out to me, drawing me closer.
I know to reach for her is to die.
I want to, but I stop.
Every time I stop, I want her more.
I feel myself reach for the poison rose, but again I stop.
And the rose smells sweeter.
Yet, I can’t break the circle.
Will I die?
Can I resist plucking the rose?
Or will I kill it?

Music and lyrics coplanar with meaning.
A secret combination, that which conveys the meaning of song.
Float on the music.
Hang onto the words.
Grow and take heart from
the pain, the suffering, the woe, the anger, the love the hate.
Let it float through your mind.
Ride with it.
Let it show you where you were.
Let it show you where you are.
Let it show you where you want to be.

Restless and Frenzied,
I rush off to nowhere to pursue nothing,
but find ludacrous irony.
I bring my friend along as ghosts tug on my coat tails.
Slowly in my frenzy, he is pursued by ghosts of his own.

The Flag
Red is the blood we needlessly shed.
White is the purity we never had.
Blue is the Aristocracy that we deny.

Alice in her looking glass, what did she see?…
An angry child-god looking down on you and me.

Another Silly Thought
I want to love her. I want her to love me…
But she will replace me as all the others have done.

Am I a loser?
I am happy. You are not.
You have money, and I have naught.
I am happy in the company I keep.
You complain of yours.
If you are a winner and I am a loser,
then a loser I will contently remain.

Nothing is Forever
Nothing is forever.
You must look at this phrase twice to see its true perfection and
Nothing is forever. This means that there isn’t anything that IS
forever, and
means. . .
Nothing IS forever.

The lonliness is all consuming.
I don’t know what to do about it.
I want to change it, but I don’t have the will to.
I am a contradiction. I am a hipocrite.
I am a lie.
Queen once asked in a song, “Who wnats to love forever?”
My answer is…
I do.

Cartoon Characters
It is easy to love a fantasy character.
You can safely fall in love with them for you can know them
They are completely unobtainable, and the foreknowelege of this
makes them safe.

There is no way out. There is no way to win.
I have lost. Money is the defeating point for every piece of
It breaks up friendships.
It fuels envy.
It is the root of greed.
Greed is a cause and a motive for all other crimes and “sins”.

Newton’s Third Law
For every breath of sweet joyful air, I must take a breath of
stagnent oppressive gas.
For every glorious victory, there is a bitter defeat in my midsts.
For every happiness, a sorrow.
“For every action there is a complete and opposite reaction.”

Why does everyone talk to me, yet few speak to me?
Why is it that one must sort through the noise of praddling
to acertain the most minute of real meaning?
Why praddle the tongue when a well placed glance can say so much

Golden Gods
May the golden gods fall laughing if one man scoffs in their faces,
but may they all fall dead if all men scorned them.

One Rose…
One Rose for she whom I’ve left behind,
One Rose for whom I’ve yet to meet.
For love is blind,
and Destiny must I defeat.
(I will die alone)

A man of unfollowed plans is a man of words, not actions.
No plan will be successful unless it is actuated.
There must be an action of initiative to start.
There must be more than words.

The Cure for Loneliness
How do you fight loneliness?
Smile all the time,
but never let it fade.
Never even while your heart’s in shade.

How do you fight loneliness?
Smile all the time.
They’ll think you’ve got it made,
but never let it fade.

No one needs to know how you feel.
No one needs to see through you.
Smile or not,
Fuck you.

Old Days
In the old days we had so much time.
We had no resources.
We were happy.
We needed little.
Now distress has commenced upon this once happy existence.
Now plague exists in its place.
Now people rule and the real people are surrounded.

The truth bends and shifts in way unimaginable.
TV truth is for sheep.
Emotions are cheap, and every life has a meaning.
These are notions of fantasy not found in the real world.

I am vulneralble to too many people. I don’t want to be vulnerable.
I don’t feel safe around some of them anymore.
I will rid myself of these vulnerabilities.
I will make myself invulnerable.
I will restructure my mind.

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